Libra cryptocurrency

When does libra season start

Mark Zuckerberg confessed his potential interest in using the blockchain (libra) as an authentication tool on his social networks and his interest to create his own cryptocurrency.

Facebook prepare the blockchain-based cryptocurrency project to compete with banks and allow Internet users to make money transfers or payments directly from their email accounts such as WhatsApp or Messenger.  This cryptocurrency is designed to override geopolitical boundaries and can be transferred at no cost via these  applications anywhere in the world.

Libra Facebook coin
facebook cryptocurrency

The main social networks will launch its own cryptocurrency, called Facebook Coin (or Global Coin) in the first quarter of 2020 as part of the mysterious “Libra Project”, Facebook’s coin could also be convertible into dollars or other virtual currencies.

Bitcoin has unveiled a downtrend since Libra’s launch date has been subject to a likely carryover.The Libra could become the reference currency used in international trade. Indeed, its use could quickly become systemic, because of the massive adoption that the 2 billion Facebook users

When does libra season start?

Launch of Libra postponed under pressure from the authorities. The US governmental  authorities believe that the conditions are not favorable to allow a safe circulation of such a currency.  Which is related to the risks of competition between the Facebook cryptocurrency and national currencies, USD,  as well the risks of terrorism and money laundering.